The KI6WZX  



      I formed the Club as a way for the users to support the repeater expenses, Internet costs & constant up-grades to the system. We welcome all to join and have fun on one of the hobbies fastest growing technical break-throughs. If you would like to support the Repeater and become a member and access to linking Reflectors, Repeaters and all other Gateway functions and features. The membership costs are $100.00 per year. To become a Member simply send your check to 930 Acorn Ln. Corona, Ca. 92880. You do not have to be a member, to use this system.


The Repeater Site:

      The repeater site is at 7960' and has a 360* view. It's located in the San Bernardino mountains above Running Springs on Keller Peak. The site didn't have any internet so we had to set-up a wifi link to the hilltop for the gateway 12 miles away. During the winter the only way to get to the site is to hike up in snow shoes.


      The coverage is un believable. From the Mexican Border to Tehachapi,  parts of Indio and Barstow. It's a great large coverage site so enjoy the coverage and the great Hams that use the system.




This is the View from the top of the building looking towards Temecula.



KI6WZX Repeater Frequencies


Voice Module A: 23cm 1.2ghz Dstar - 1285.200 ( - ) 12 MHz Offset KI6WZX  A


Voice Module B: 70cm UHF Dstar - 446.340 ( - ) 5 MHz Offset KI6WZX  B


Voice Module C: 2 Meter VHF Dstar - Freq: 147.550 ( - ) 2.555 MHz Offset KI6WZX  C







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